Mykhailo Fomenko: "We will give few guys the opportunity to show what they can do"
June 20, 2016

Head coach of the National team of Ukraine Mykhailo Fomenko commented of tomorrow’s EURO-2016 fixture against Poland in Marseille.


– First question: in your opinion, do you think you managed to reinvigorate the team after the latest loss, particularly from a psychological point of view?


– We will see tomorrow. We did some work, but the result will only be seen tomorrow.


– It goes without saying that the team’s mood has not been good as it has gone about its work during the last couple of days; how would you assess their work? Are you satisfied with the way they have worked?


– I don’t have any complaints about the guys.


– What are you expecting from this game? What are the aims for the team in this game?


– As usual, to get a good result. We will also give a few other guys the opportunity to show what they can do.


– So do you mean that we should expect major changes in the starting line-up?


– If one can put it like that, yes.


– Have you already analysed the tournament? Can you draw any conclusions about it?


– There are no miracles, and football is not an exception in our lives. The level of our Ukrainian championship does not allow the players to improve their level compared to the level of the final stages of this championship.


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