Oleksandr Kucher: "The team is under tremendous pressure now"
June 20, 2016

The Press Conference of the player of Ukrainian National team Oleksandr Kucher and the doctor of the Team Serhiy Derepovskyi:


– The question is about Robert Lewandowski. Do you consider him to be the strongest player on the Polish national football team?


– Of course Marius Lewandowski, sorry Robert Lewandowski, is the leader of Polish attack. There is no need to talk a lot about him, everybody knows he is a great striker who leads his national team. We need to pay him maximum attention and make sure we are careful in regards to dealing with him.


Oleksandr, do you think this is going to be a difficult game, like the ones against Germany and Northern Ireland? Also I imagine the atmosphere is pretty bad but I guess you will be playing for your honour.


– Yes, you are right. It is going to be a difficult match for us. We are under tremendous pressure now. We realise that because of how we have played we deserve to be criticized like that. So I think it is fair to say that we need to get onto the pitch and show everyone the football we are able to play. Unfortunately we failed to do that in our two last games but, we will do everything in our power in the next game to prove that we can play.


Just a short specific question to Serhiy. He mentioned before that all 23 players have been training during the competition. During tournaments one doesn’t usually talk about the team in this way so perhaps you can explain in a bit more detail what you meant? Maybe there were some minor injuries between the games? Maybe somebody was taking some kind of medication? The things you haven’t talked about so as not to let the opponents know.


– No, there weren’t. Nobody played with injections, there were some minor injuries, but is to be expected. There weren’t many but still there were some.


Who exactly had them?


– I cannot talk about that now. When we finish the tournament, I will tell you. But what’s the point of talking about that now? It’s not needed information – it’s a minor injury, not a major one. When one cuts his finger – it’s also a minor injury, correct? So, in general, everybody was in a decent condition and nobody has had any unusual injury. Everything has been fine. We have managed to cope with all the issues quickly and successfully.


–  A question for Oleksandr. Yesterday both Andriy Pyatov and Taras Stepanenko said that they want those who haven’t played in the tournament yet to be given a chance against Poland by the coach. For some players this is going to be the last championship of their careers. Do you personally want to get onto the pitch tomorrow and show the Ukraine’s supporters the football that they expected from this team?


– Of course everyone wants to play football first and foremost. So, perhaps the question is a bit out of place. Of course I want to get out onto the pitch and play. We want to show everyone how we can actually play. It’s always a pleasure for me to be on the pitch. If it wasn’t like that then what’s the point of coming here, to sit and watch? I have the same hunger as all these footballers and I want to play football.