Taras Stepanenko: «I believe we will get support from our fans»
June 20, 2016

During pre-match press conference Ukrainian National team’s player answered to questions concerning the last game as well as upcoming match against Poland.


Taras, the main question at this stage is: did the team manage to recover after the defeat?


– I can’t speak for every player, but it is quite obvious that this was a big psychological challenge for all of us. The only thing that can we can do at this stage is play a good game tomorrow. If the outcome of this game is not positive, this will mean a total failure for our team. I think that every player understands this, and the team is trying to focus on the game tomorrow. After the game against Northern Ireland, the team demonstrated a high level of focus during the training sessions. They want to be able to prove that the Ukrainian team contains some top players.


What are your expectations ahead of the game tomorrow? Are you perhaps expecting a more open game, as the points up for grabs are not the main priority for either team?


– At the end of the day, this is the European Championship, and every team is keen to win each game. We understand that the Polish team will fight for first place in the group, and I think they will put out a strong team, with all the star players included. So this should be a very good game, especially since you could say it’s kind of a local Derby.


Are you counting on getting some serious support from the Ukrainian fans during the game?


– I believe we will get support from our fans, as we have already had quite a few of them coming to our hotel before the game to wish us good luck. Our families will be supporting us too, so we need to do everything we can for our fans’ sake.


Photo by Oleksandr Popov